Get an Engineer's Stamp of Approval

Count on us for stamped permit drawing services in Pittsburgh, PA

Need a building permit to begin work? Gary J Miller can help you obtain one. We provide stamped permit drawing services in Pittsburgh, PA. We'll review your drawings and give them our stamp of approval if they conform to relevant building codes.

We can also supply designs and drawings for your use if you don't have them already. Reach out to us now to arrange for permit drawing services.

Why our stamp of approval can be trusted

We have all of the proper credentials to place an engineering stamp on your drawings.

We can provide stamped permit drawing services because our engineer:

  • Has a four-year engineering degree from an ABET accredited university
  • Passed the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam
  • Passed the Principles and Practice Exam
  • Has over 40 years of active engineering practice
We'll help you get your building permit ASAP. Contact us today to schedule permit drawing services.