Get a Wall Taken Down Safely

Hire us for load-bearing wall removal services in Pittsburgh, PA

Looking to take down a load-bearing wall? Gary J Miller has you covered. We provide load-bearing wall removal services in and around Pittsburgh, PA. Our structural engineer will visit your site and confirm whether or not the wall you want to be removed is load-bearing. If it is, we'll design an LVL or steel beam arrangement to support the floor so it can be taken down safely.

We'll make sure that nothing goes wrong when you remove a wall. Get in touch with us now to arrange for load-bearing wall removal services.

Here's why you should have a structural engineer oversee your wall removal

Before carrying out any structural remodeling on your property, you need to know the location of load-bearing walls. If you don't, a life-threatening structural collapse will be possible.

You should hire our structural engineer because:

  • He has the knowledge necessary to inspect your property
  • He can obtain your building's blueprints if needed
  • He'll ensure that your wall is safe to remove
In the unlikely event that our advice leads to a structural collapse, we carry professional indemnity insurance to cover it. Reach out to us today to schedule load-bearing wall removal services with confidence.